Registered Charity 3554


Hope Village Society has, from 1988 to date, supported over 50,000 street boys, girls and young mothers.


The projects implemented by the Projects department through the donors' funds include

  Building long-term shelter for girls
  The Mobile Unit project for street children
  Economic and social support for street children
  Small-scale credits for street youth and children and their families
  Advocacy for the health, social and psychological rights of street children
  Confronting the street children health hazards
  Building the capacity of the network for facing the street children phenomenon
  Screening the behaviors of street children
  Building long-term shelter for young street mothers at the 10th of Ramadan City
  HIV AIDS prevention and impact mitigation among refugees in Greater Cairo
  Protecting street children against HIV/AIDS
  Child Help Line
  Social and economic support of street children and their families.
  Reproductive Health project
  Friendly School project
  Training social workers in Cairo, Quena and Assiut governorates.
  Advocacy of street girls
  Sheltering Children living in Difficult Circumstances
  Improving the Quality of Life of Street Children
  Psychological and Social Rehabilitation of Young Street Mothers
  Extending the Current Expenditures of the Second Mobile Unit
  Improving the Services Provided to Street Children